[iOS][Objective-C][Facebook]Facebook SDKのIDFAについて

iOSアプリを審査に提出する時に、IDFAについての確認を求められるのだが、facebook sdkを使った場合、どうすればいいのかわからなかったんだけど、
Does Facebook’s SDK for iOS access the IDFA?

The Facebook SDK includes code to access Apple’s Advertising Identifier (IDFA), but that code is only executed in certain situations.
The Facebook SDK for iOS only accesses IDFAs in the following scenarios: 1) if your app serves ads within the app through Facebook’s Audience Network, or 2) if your app logs app installs or other mobile App Events in order to attribute those events to your ad campaigns.
If you are not logging App Events (via the FBSDKAppEvents class), then the Facebook SDK is not accessing the IDFAs. Additionally, the Facebook SDK does not require AdSupport.framework to be included.
If you want to track App Events without collecting IDFA, you can disable IDFA collection within your app dashboard in the advanced setting section.

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